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Award-Winning Kitchen Design In Austin, TX


Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations In Austin, TX

About Capitol Design

Capitol Design specializes in kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, and kitchen renovation in the Austin, TX area. Since 1981, Joe Currie has been building a broad design repertoire by designing furniture, home additions, restaurants and bars, custom kitchens, luxury baths, and even a media room resembling an 11th century castle for a client in Ludlow, Massachusetts. He is an award winning kitchen and bath designer and his projects have been featured in local and national magazines, well known buildings such as the Watergate in Washington, DC and the Harbor Terrace in Baltimore, Maryland. He has worked on both coasts, and designed homes from New England to sunny Florida.

Joe has designed projects for media celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, a well-known St. Louis chef and many busy families. His projects can be found in historical neighborhoods such as Compton Heights in St. Louis, Missouri, Georgetown in Washington DC, and Castle Hill in downtown Austin, Westlake and the Hills in Texas. New construction projects include Castlebridge in Ellicott City, Maryland and Valderrama in Gainesville, Virginia.

Most recently, his designs have won 1st and 2nd place in the Washington, DC Metro NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) 2010 CoTY awards. The 1st place home was located in Darnestown, MD and the 2nd place home was located in Baltimore, MD. He also won the Washington, DC based, Home and Design magazine's "Kitchen of Distinction" for the second straight year.

Joe calls Austin his home where he designs stunning, yet functional, kitchens; fabulous baths; and comfortable, beautiful spaces for clients all over South Texas. He is also available for consultation and commission nationally. Let Capitol Design assist with your next project: kitchen design, kitchen remodeling, and kitchen renovation, as well as bath design, bath remodeling, and bath renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovations

Full-scale kitchen remodeling projects and smaller kitchen renovations are some of the more popular changes homeowners make to improve their living spaces. When dreaming of the potential of your home, has the kitchen been in the back of your mind? There is never a wrong time to make these impactful upgrades. Kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovations not only add value to the future resale of your home, but they also add quality to your lifestyle in their functionality and personalization.


The kitchen sees high levels of traffic, from daily meal preparation to quick snack-grabbing to family gatherings for holidays and special celebrations. As a central location for the home and a destination for treasured memories, it deserves the attention of a creative design that fits your family’s needs and activities.


Both kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovations cater to the necessity of a practical, usable space, and the freedom to be creative with personal touches. Kitchen renovations are effective in satisfying your desire for a change and tapping into an increased quality of your life at home. The larger of the two projects, kitchen remodeling allows for the most custom features and the opportunity to have the dream kitchen you have always desired.


Kitchen remodeling provides a platform to be creative with the functionality and flow of your kitchen space. If the current layout of your kitchen is not optimal for your lifestyle, redrawing the floorplan to more accurately fulfill your needs may be in order.


By its simplest definition, kitchen remodeling is changing the use of your kitchen. That may mean tearing down a wall that divides the kitchen and living space to create a larger, open atmosphere for entertaining guests. It may mean cutting into the neighboring bedroom to build a pantry for storing the ingredients required in your edible masterpieces. Or it might be a simpler desire to enlarge the window over your sink for more natural light in your kitchen. Whatever your wants and needs may be for the use of this integral space, kitchen remodeling will enhance your home experience and see those dreams come to fruition.


While kitchen remodeling does provide for the optimal amount of customization, it is important to focus your vision on the functionality of the kitchen. In changing its use, what will be the most beneficial features to include? What daily activities occur and how can the design of the kitchen best accommodate those events? As you prioritize the numerous decisions to be made while remodeling, you will want to weigh the options according to their practicality within your resources. From dreaming to drafting with your designer to seeing those designs become a reality, do not forget to enjoy the process of kitchen remodeling.


If your current kitchen already offers a useful, functional flow that suits your needs, but you want to update some features, kitchen renovations are a potentially smaller-scale project to undertake. “Outdated” appliances, hardware, and light fixtures is a common complaint among homeowners when asked about their kitchens. Kitchen renovations include anything that makes your space new again; it is an efficient method of increasing the value and look of your home in smaller, detailed steps, when compared to kitchen remodeling, and can be completed in increments over time. If your kitchen already has good bones, upgrading the details is a simple way to liven up your well-used space, and give it a fresh face.


Kitchen renovations range in their level of complexity, but always add to that sense of newness in your home. It may be as simple as applying a fresh coat of stain to the cabinetry and adding hardware or laying a new floor and installing radiant heat.  The options for kitchen renovations are limitless and will fit within most budget or time restraints.  While the changes are mostly cosmetic, functionality is not to be forgotten.  Minor changes can be made to increase the usability of your kitchen while maintaining the current architecture. The potential for custom features is not lost in kitchen renovations either. You may want to replace the windows to include a window sill herb garden or hang a chalkboard to keep track of the family’s appointments. The impact of kitchen renovations on the resale value of your home is a worthy investment in itself.  In addition, you get to enjoy the beauty and appreciate the effect of your improvements until that time comes.


Practicality and customization come together in both kitchen remodeling and kitchen renovations. They allow the freedom to add personal touches to your home while improving the use of such an essential space. Whether you are planning a large-scale kitchen remodeling project or are interested in spicing up your current space with kitchen renovations, partnering with the right professional is a key to turning your vision into a reality.

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