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Transitional kitchens are a child of tradition and contemporary design. They mix your favorite aspects of both styles into an eclectic blend that reflects the unique atmosphere you crave. It truly is the best of both worlds. As in any design element of your home, you want your artistic taste and lifestyle to be displayed.

If you love the sleek look of modern design but have an old soul that appreciates the time-perfected look of tradition, transitional kitchens are your avenue for showcasing both. There is an art to meshing both design eras that balances the unique look with the practical function necessary in your kitchen. Like all kitchens, yours is a center of activity for all members of your household. Transitional kitchens create an updated space that can keep up with your family’s lifestyle while incorporating the classic comfort of well-established design.

There is no end to the combination of materials and finishes you can choose in transitional kitchens. You can mix the natural wood cabinetry found in traditional kitchens with the man-made countertops characteristic of contemporary kitchens. Or you could install frosted glass inserts into your elegant cherry cabinets and accent them with stainless steel light fixtures that epitomize the multi-faceted blend of styles found in transitional kitchens.

Transitional kitchens are a highly custom option for your home. Imagine a buffet of all your kitchen options. You can pick and choose which you want to incorporate and which you do not care for. Your designer will blend your tastes in a way that seamlessly updates your home, without clashing with the established character already present. Due to its eclectic blend of two design genres, transitional kitchens are as unique as your family, and just as customizable to meet your needs.

Whatever your current kitchen design, transitional kitchens can accommodate any style of starting space. If you live in a newer development, but want to incorporate a formal crown molding and a modern chandelier, transitional kitchens are your way to go. At the same time, if you purchased an older home in a mature neighborhood, but want to update the appliances and add a bright accent color, transitional kitchens can fit your style as well.

For a unique take on such a well-used room in your house, consider transitional kitchens to bring together the old world with the new world in a space that is all your own. Carefully choose your design elements to complement each other and your lifestyle as you create the next work of art within the walls of your home.

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