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Traditional kitchens blend the time-honored style of ages past with the contemporary functionality of modern-day appliances. They are sophisticated and elegant, highlighting design elements from the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. At the same time, you do not have to compromise on the practicality of modern advances in kitchen design. Traditional kitchens are ideal for the homeowner who is taking a classic approach to their home. Whether you are renovating your entire home to restore its original character or changing the atmosphere altogether, traditional kitchens are consistently an appealing option.

Despite their generally established characteristics, traditional kitchens still encompass a variety of design features. The eras covered by traditional kitchens range from Victorian to Early American to Georgian to Edwardian and more. You will often find crown molding, elegant trim, and antiquated fixtures, among muted, natural color tones. They do tend to be more formal, but that is no replacement for the comfort that traditional kitchens can provide. Traditional design can draw out a nostalgia for bygone, simpler times, without necessarily having first-hand experience with that era. The kitchen is still said to be the heart of the home and traditional kitchens add an old, familiar feel to that space.

Imagine your family sitting at a stately island with granite countertop, while you skillfully pull together ingredients for the next meal out of rich mahogany cabinets, to bake in your top-of-the-line double oven. Or perhaps, after a long day of work, you finally get to kick off your shoes and sip on your favorite drink, with antique brass light fixtures dimmed down to a soft glow. All of this potential is yours if you pursue traditional kitchens. The opportunities to customize your kitchen to your personal needs and tastes are endless as you immerse yourself in the options. From the wood choices for your cabinetry and molding to the metal options for your fixtures and appliances, you can customize traditional kitchens to meet any taste preferences, while still embodying the sense of tradition.

Whether your home was originally built decades ago, with architecture fit for traditional kitchens, or you bought a more contemporary abode, this timeless design can be incorporated into any setting in a beautiful mix of old and new. The expert designer can blend the classic charm of tradition with the updated shine of high-end appliances into a wholesome center of your home, worthy of the many gatherings that the kitchen holds.

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