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In cohesively classic homes, traditional baths are a simple and elegant design feature. The atmosphere you are creating in your house should be carried throughout, and traditional baths are a small, but valuable design choice for your home. Aside from the increase in your home’s value, a well-crafted bathroom adds a sense of peace to your lifestyle. Traditional baths are known for their appeal to the longevity of time-tested design, from Early American to Georgian to Edwardian and beyond. They exhibit detailed trim, natural materials, and antiquated fixtures. Often, the color scheme will be neutral and monochromatic, ideal for a calming environment to relax and unwind after a long day.

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the house, but it can have a large impact on the life within the home. With each member using the space daily, it is important to maintain its cleanliness and its functionality. It is also important to enjoy the look of the bathroom, whether you are washing up for dinner or preparing for your day in the morning. Traditional baths are an elegant and sophisticated way to give your home a continuous character, without losing the contemporary features that make a bathroom most efficient. With the traditional design of traditional baths comes the comfort of an established look.

There is a sense of formality with traditional baths, but that is no replacement for the comfortable aesthetic of the eras of the past. Imagine filling your claw foot soaker tub, dimming the light from your bronze sconces, and letting the stress of the work day wash away. Or consider choosing a vintage floral wallpaper to add some color to your teenage daughters’ traditional baths, without compromising the established look of your home. This genre of design is a versatile and timeless method of upgrading your home to fit whatever needs exist within the walls of your house.

Whether you are restoring your home to its original and traditional architecture or bringing a bit of the past to your newly built house, traditional baths are an appealing option. Maybe your kitchen boasts deep walnut cabinetry and molding with brushed brass fixtures. Traditional baths can carry that same rich feel over into the powder room, unifying the flow of your living space. While there is a general fluency to traditional baths, the variety of options and design alternatives allow you to create the custom bath of your dreams that showcases your elegant personality.

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