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Remodeling Your Master Bath… Is It Time?

Is It Time to Remodel Your Master Bath?

Your master bath is your sanctuary. This is a place that is usually off-limits to most guests and reserved only for family members and close friends. It may only be used by you and your significant other. When you’re remodeling your home, your master bath may be at the end of your remodeling list. You may choose to remodel other areas of your home that experience more visitor traffic like your living room or kitchen. However, prioritizing your master bath remodeling is a way to say that you’re worth it. Your relationship is worth it.

5 signs that it’s time to remodel your master bath

  • You don’t have enough counter space

Remodeling your master bath is a task that you know is due when you find that you are really aching for extra counter space. Everyone knows how annoying and frustrating it can be to constantly have things falling off of the bathroom counter due to a lack of space. Even worse is when you find yourself fighting with your significant other, or family members for the counter space. This issue is exacerbated if your master bathroom is also lacking enough cabinet space. Soon you’ll end up buying additional storage racks and your master bathroom will end up looking cluttered. A master bath remodel can help solve these problems by increasing counter space.

  • Your master bath’s style is outdated

For many people a master bath remodeling is the very last room to be remodeled. Why? Areas with heavier traffic from visitors like the kitchen, dining room and living room often get the remodel first. It makes sense to make your home up to date for guests, but what about for your own comfort? If the rest of your home is fresh and current and your master bath is cramped and out of style, then it’s definitely time for a master bath remodeling.

  • You and your significant other fight over the space

A master bath should be a place where both you and your significant other can get ready or relax at the same time. If you and your significant other are fighting over the master bathroom, then it is definitely time for a master bath remodeling. With a master bath remodeling, a bathroom designer will be able to create more than enough space for the both of you to enjoy the master bath simultaneously.

  • Your shower isn’t a functional space

Most showers are cramped spaces full of bath and body products sitting on a small shelf or rack. However, with the proper planning and design, a shower can be an incredibly functional space. With a master bath remodeling, you can turn your small shower into a haven with easy-to-clean tiles, a rain shower head and plenty of built-in storage space. With a new master bathroom remodel, you can enjoy a beautiful and functional shower that is big enough for you and your significant other to share.

  • Your bath isn’t a relaxing space

Many people have bathtubs in their master baths that are severely underutilized. Perhaps they originally built the bath into the bathroom thinking that it would be a relaxing addition, but later chose a small option to save money. Many baths aren’t even used once per week and that’s really not an efficient use of space or money. With a master bath remodeling you can get a new bathtub that is the right size for you and your significant other to fit into comfortably. You can also explore options including jacuzzi jets, or tiles to house the bathtub.

As with any home remodel, the possibilities are endless. Get started today and make your master bath a sanctuary. Prioritize your master bathroom remodel and say,”You’re worth it!”