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Kitchen Renovations: Where to Start

So, you know that you definitely want to do a kitchen renovation, but you’re not quite sure where to start? Look no further, as this definitive guide will give you all the answers you need for planning the perfect renovation for your kitchen.

Make a list and make sketches

Kitchen renovations require proper planning. Take the time to really think and discuss with your family their requirements for a new kitchen. What are the pros and cons of the current kitchen? Are there elements that you’d like to keep?

Kitchen renovations are inherently creative processes and it can sometimes help to keep moodboards, or make sketches of your dream kitchen. You can always use these later when discussing kitchen renovations with your kitchen designer and construction staff.

Discuss construction with your family

Kitchen renovations can be very messy and time consuming. You can expect to have a construction crew sawing and drilling in your home for months if you’re doing an extensive kitchen renovations project.

Will someone be home to stay with the construction workers as they work? Which season would work best for your family to begin construction? How much construction can you really take?

Discussing kitchen renovations projects upfront can ease the stress and help you to plan the perfect timeline with your construction team.

Think about your kitchen renovations requirements

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with kitchen renovations when you think of the project as a whole. However, breaking the kitchen renovations down into smaller chunks can help you to process your needs.

First, think about your countertops. What kind of cooking do you plan on doing? Talk with your designer and see which materials would best meet your specific needs.

What kind of storage would work best for you? Do you need custom cabinets or can you use some ready-made ones for your kitchen renovations?

Go through your kitchen item by item. Take a look at the counter tops, floors, cabinets, lighting, walls, windows, sink, stove, fridge, dishwasher, etc. and make a note of any changes that you imagine taking place in your kitchen renovations.

Decide on your design and construction teams

Eventually, once you’ve done as much planning as you possibly can on your end, you may want to hire a professional kitchen designer and construction crew.

A kitchen designer will be able to help you plan your kitchen renovations in excruciating detail. They’ll also be able to help you find and purchase local materials for the best deal. And, they can liaise with your construction crew to get things done.

Together, a kitchen renovations designer and a construction team will help you to build your dream kitchen—whether than means smashing down walls, or simply putting in new cabinets.

What kitchen renovations are you planning?

Are you just looking at options at this point, or are you getting ready to get started with your kitchen renovations?

Shoot us an email with your specific questions and our expert team will get back with you. We’d love to help you plan your dream kitchen.