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Kitchen Remodeling 101

Whether you’re looking to give your kitchen a much-needed update, or you’re ready to plan a full-scale kitchen remodeling project, this list is for you.

Top 5 Questions To Consider For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

How do you intend to use your kitchen?

It’s best to ask yourself practical questions about your kitchen remodeling project. Why are you choosing to remodel? What must-haves do you expect in your newly remodeled kitchen? And of course, how do you intend to use your kitchen?

Will the kitchen be an area for extensive cooking, socializing, or both? If you plan on cooking, this will guide your kitchen remodeling project. If you’d rather entertain family and guests in a larger kitchen/dining combo, then this will also guide your kitchen remodeling decisions.

Take time to prioritize your requirements for your kitchen remodeling project. Take notes and make sketches of how you visualize your dream kitchen and then stick to your must-haves as you begin talking with your kitchen designer and construction team.

How much construction can you handle for your kitchen remodeling project?

This brings us to the next point—how much construction are you willing to put up with for your upcoming kitchen remodeling project?

Remember, construction can be noisy, invasive, and overall a rather unpleasant experience. You’ll need to plan construction for your kitchen remodeling to coincide with your availability, as well as the seasons.

Would your rather have construction workers for your kitchen remodeling in your space during the summer months, or during the autumn or spring?

Are you ready to invest in some earplugs for this kitchen remodeling project?

What types of materials meet your requirements?

Based on how you plan to use your kitchen, and how much construction you can handle, you’ll next need to decide on materials for your kitchen remodeling project.

For example, if you plan to use your kitchen counters for extensive and messy cooking, you’ll want a durable material like laminate, or marble countertops. If style is more of a concern for you, then wood might be more up your alley.

Do you plan on having a lot of traffic in the kitchen area? If so, then linoleum may work best for you, as opposed to other less durable flooring materials.

Consider your specific needs and match your materials to meet them for this kitchen remodeling project.

What’s the style for this kitchen remodeling project?

Finally, you can’t forget your style. A modernist isn’t going to fully appreciate a shabby-chic kitchen. In the same manner, you shouldn’t preference affordable materials over your own style.

Start creating a moodboard of colors, textures, and other interior design elements that you feel attracted to. This will help you in your conversations with your kitchen designer, as well as when selecting final materials for your kitchen design project.

What are your top questions for your kitchen remodeling project?

Feel free to reach out via email with any questions. We can’t wait to hear from you and lend our expertise.