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Kitchen Lighting Options

Selecting the Right Kitchen Lighting Options

So, you’re ready to remodel your kitchen? You’re probably thinking of your flooring, cabinets and appliance options right off the bat. But, have you considered your kitchen lighting options? Lighting is what makes your kitchen cozy on dark winter days and allows you to sit up late with your kids at the kitchen table helping them with homework. You definitely don’t want to overlook your kitchen lighting options and that is when an experienced kitchen designer can help.

Kitchen Chandeliers

Are you remodeling your kitchen for a very expensive look? Why not hang a chandelier above the kitchen table for a real wow-effect? Vintage or new chandeliers will give your kitchen a look of elegance and refinement. Your dinner guests will certainly be impressed with your kitchen remodeling project and your lighting choice.

Decorative Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Decorate pendant kitchen lighting options will give you a nice ambient glow, while also mimicking the classy look of a chandelier. Decorative pendant lighting comes in all shapes and sizes, as well as all price ranges. So, take time to chat with your kitchen designer about which options may be in your price range.

Kitchen Lamps

Who says a kitchen can’t have some lamps? Yes, we commonly think of lamps as living room, or bedroom lights, rather than kitchen lighting options. However, you’d be surprised how a few lamps can really add a sense of style and class to a kitchen. Why not add a lamp with a country chic shade to your kitchen counter? You’ll love the homey feeling this will give to your new kitchen. You can also try a standing lamp in a corner that lacks illumination. This is a great low cost method for lighting your kitchen.

Kitchen Track Lighting

Track lights will give you a bit more flexibility in terms of lighting all the areas of your kitchen. Yes, you might be used to seeing track lights in museums, but they really do look great in a kitchen. Track lighting will allow you the flexibility to point each light in the direction of your choosing. This is great for illuminating darker areas. However, you can’t switch one light on and another one off with track lighting options. Unfortunately, it’s all or nothing with track lights.

Kitchen Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lighting comes in a tremendous variety of styles. Some styles are bulbs, while others mimic the style of chandeliers. The real defining factor in a flush mount light is that there is little to no gap between the fixture and the ceiling. The flush mount light is mounted directly onto the ceiling. This type of lighting is extremely versatile and will provide ambient illumination throughout the entire kitchen.

Under-Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

If you love cooking, you’ll probably love under-cabinet lighting, as well. This kitchen lighting option will provide you with excellent illumination in all of those hard to reach places. Now, you can cook any time of day and be able to see everything flawlessly. Once you install under-cabinet lighting, you really won’t be able to live without it.

Recessed Kitchen Lighting

Recessed lighting is a very modern form of lighting in which the light fixture is actually recessed into the ceiling. This unobtrusive and modern type of lighting is a great kitchen lighting option for your redesign. You can easily have a dimmer attached to your recessed lighting, which will give you the control of dimming or illuminating your kitchen with the touch of a button. Additionally, recessed lighting can be wired individually, which will allow you to illuminate certain areas of the kitchen when needed.

Which kitchen lighting option will you choose? Let the kitchen design experts at Capitol Design help you select the perfect kitchen lighting options for your kitchen.