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Kitchen Flooring Options

Kitchen flooring options for your kitchen remodeling project

Are you getting ready to tackle a kitchen remodeling project? Flooring will definitely be one of your main concerns, as the floor is a huge component of any kitchen. Proper kitchen flooring must be of a durable material and a design that matches your overall kitchen design. Choosing the wrong kitchen flooring can really spell disaster, so you’ll want to make sure that you think through and discuss all of your kitchen flooring options with a kitchen designer.

Hardwood Kitchen Flooring

You really can’t go wrong with hardwood. Hardwood is a classic and timeless kitchen flooring option for any home. Hardwood kitchen flooring will bring a sense of warmth and coziness to your kitchen with either a light or deep stain.

If you treat your hardwood properly, it can really last over a lifetime. However, hardwood can easily be scratched with shoes or pet’s claws. Therefore, if pets or shoes in the house are priorities for you, you may want to consider other kitchen flooring options.

Cleaning your hardwood kitchen floor should be a breeze. Simply sweep, vacuum, and use a damp mop on the floor regularly. Sprays and waxes from oil should be avoided, as well as cleaners that are not intended for wood surfaces, as they can be rather harsh.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring Options

You may think that concrete is only for sidewalks, but you really couldn’t be more wrong. Concrete is a very environmentally-friendly kitchen flooring option for your home. Concrete may even help you save on your monthly energy bill, as it helps to absorb and retain your heat. It’s also a great kitchen flooring option for the summer, as it helps to keep the cool in your home.

Concrete can be styled in a wide variety of ways. You can stain the entire floor, or create various stained patterns within the concrete. Concrete can be stamped, scored, polished, and stained to create a wide variety of kitchen flooring options. The possibilities are endless.

Concrete flooring options are also super simple to clean. You can easily clean with gentle cleansers, or even vinegar, paired with regular sweeping and vacuuming.

Laminate Kitchen Flooring

Perhaps concrete and hardwood are a bit out of your budget. That’s not a problem, as laminate comes in a wide variety of styles. Some laminate styles even mimic hardwood or tiles. If you have pets, kids, or frequent spills, laminate kitchen flooring may be the best option for you. Laminate is incredibly durable and very easy to clean. It can withstand frequent kitchen traffic from people and pets. Why is laminate so durable? It’s made up of four layers that are fused together to provide the ultimate in strength.

Laminate is a low maintenance and low cost kitchen flooring option. With laminate, you won’t need to polish or stain the floor over the years. And, there are plenty of environmentally-friendly laminate options these days, as many laminate kitchen flooring options now use recycled materials.

Tile Kitchen Flooring Options

If you’re considering tiles for your kitchen, you’ll want to be sure to consult your kitchen designer. Tiles come in a wide array of materials which leaves you with boundless kitchen flooring options for your upcoming kitchen redesign project.

Travertine tiles are made from a byproduct of limestone and is formed in hot springs. Every piece of travertine is unique and will give you an earthy and natural look for your kitchen floors.

Ceramic tiles are another kitchen flooring option. Ceramic tiles are made from natural clay.

Porcelain tiles are a bit denser than ceramic tiles, as they are made from more refined clay. Porcelain tiles are so durable that they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

But this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg in terms of tile options. You also have slate, marble, faux wood, granite, onyx, and quartzite options, just to name a few.

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