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Is It Time for a Kitchen Renovation?

Time for a Kitchen Renovation

If you are considering a kitchen renovation, chances are you’ve spent a fair amount time searching the internet for various options and browsing through kitchen designers.  Chances are you have also noticed just how many options there actually are.  Kitchen renovation is a full-time job.  Finding appropriate materials is only one piece of the puzzle.  Deciding on a style and color scheme is equally important.  If you already have a full- time job, (one that would pay for your kitchen renovation) you may find it nearly impossible to squeeze in the time for a DIY project on this scale.  That’s why many people choose to hire a kitchen designer.

What is a Kitchen Designer?

A kitchen designer is a professional with many years of experience and expertise in kitchen renovation.  A professional designer not only knows about materials, space planning and trends, but he or she can also guide the planning of your kitchen in a direction that fits your personality, taste and budget.

Where Do I Find a Kitchen Designer?

Kitchens are a special niche in the design and renovation field.  As the most highly functional space and frequently the central focus of many homes, one should look for a designer who specializes in just that – kitchens.  To ensure a successful kitchen renovation project, be certain to seek out a professional kitchen designer.  Joe Currie of Capitol Design in Austin, Texas has been designing kitchen renovations since 1981.  Check out his website at www.capitoldesign.us to view examples of his expertise and talent.

Discussing Your Renovation Budget with Your Kitchen Designer

First of all, your designer will want to discuss your budget.  Now this is not a tactic to shake you down!  Discussing your budget is a practical way to make your dream kitchen come true.  Kitchen renovations are possible on small and large budgets; however, appropriate plans need to be made in either case.  To avoid disappointment, be honest about your renovation budget with your kitchen designer.

Discussing Materials with Your Kitchen Designer

Now that you and your kitchen designer have discussed budget and style, it’s time to talk about materials for your kitchen renovation.  If you have a modest budget, but expensive taste, your kitchen designer can recommend affordable alternatives for materials, such as vinyl flooring rather than tile, or possibly laminate countertops instead of granite.  Again, it is possible to achieve a fresh, chic look, even on a budget.  This is an excellent reason for choosing a professional kitchen designer for your renovation.  A designer should know the local market for materials and can guide you in the right direction based on your needs.

Making a Plan with You Kitchen Designer

Once you have decided upon your kitchen re-design plan, you and your designer can move forward with the actual renovation of your kitchen.  Be certain to discuss your preferences and needs with your kitchen designer.  As in any working relation, communication is key-especially in home renovations.

Finding a Kitchen Designer in Austin

Are you looking for a professional Austin area kitchen designer?  Joe Currie from Capitol Design has been producing beautiful kitchen renovations since 1981.  Joe has designed projects for media celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, and even a well-known chef.  He can also design one for you.  Check out Joe’s portfolio here:

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Contemporary Kitchen Designs

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