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Kitchen Layout Options

Kitchen Layout Options

Determining the best kitchen layout for your kitchen redesign or remodeling project, is often the most difficult and most important part of the planning process. There are a number of different kitchen layout options including with peninsulas, without peninsulas, with an island, and without an island. Additionally, different kitchen layout options will work better for large or small spaces and with families with a lot of traffic or less kitchen traffic. Find out what’s best for your kitchen layout below.

Gallery Kitchen Layout

The gallery kitchen layout is a really efficient way to use your space to maximize the space for your kitchen redesign. A gallery kitchen also encloses the cooking area so that smells and messes are contained, rather than open to the dining room. This is a great option not only for smaller spaces, but also for homeowners who don’t want to use a kitchen layout that opens out into the dining room.

With a gallery kitchen layout, you’ll also have two parallel surfaces from which to work. This gives you a lot of flexibility in your kitchen design, as you can place stoves, ovens, microwaves, and storage in a variety of places on either side.

Tip: If you have a large family, or often entertain large groups, the gallery may not be for you. Why? Because both ends of the gallery are open, this kitchen layout means that you have to deal with heavy traffic in and out of the kitchen while you’re cooking.

L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a very popular style that allows a nice open area for cooking and helps you to maximize your corner space. Oftentimes the L-shaped kitchen design is paired with an island, which makes a great place for kids to hang out and do their homework after school while Mom or Dad cooks dinner.

In order to incorporate an L-shaped kitchen layout design into your kitchen remodeling project, you’ll need a bit more space than with the gallery or a U-shaped kitchen layout. And with the L-shaped kitchen layout you will have plenty of countertop space. This is perfect for group cooking, or cooking a large feast.

You can fit a ton of cabinet space into the L-shaped kitchen layout and with an L-shaped kitchen layout, you’ll eliminate kitchen traffic. Since the L-shaped kitchen layout is enclosed, you won’t constantly have to deal with family members walking through while you’re coming.

Tip: Hang a rack above your island for hanging pots and pans. This will help to maximize your space and it will add a classy touch to your overall kitchen layout look.

U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A U-shaped kitchen layout will give you a lot of room and flexibility for cooking efficiently. For example, you can easily pivot and turn from the stove to another surface. This comes in handy when you’re preparing meals for a large number of guests, or if you prefer to spread out when you’re cooking.

Many people prefer the U-shaped kitchen layout when they’re short on seating space, as the peninsula can easily double as a bar for visitors. This also offers a cozy view so that your guests can sit at the peninsula bar while you’re cooking.

Tip: Placing the fridge inside the U can actually consume a lot of your precious space. Therefore, try placing the fridge

G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

A G-shaped kitchen layout is very similar to the U-shaped, but it includes a peninsula. This is great for spaces that may not be big enough for a U-shaped kitchen layout with an island. If you don’t have room for the island, consider this layout instead.

Tip: Make sure that your peninsula isn’t too long, or you won’t have much room to get in and out of the kitchen. Keep the peninsula short to be flexible with traffic.