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Kitchen Counter Options

Choosing Kitchen Counters For Your Kitchen Redesign

Selecting the right material for your kitchen counters can be a difficult process—after all, every one of these materials is gorgeous in its own right. How do you know which material is right for your new kitchen counters?

You may want to consult a kitchen designer to see which materials will work best with your overall kitchen design. Additionally, a kitchen designer can help to clue you into prices for various materials in your local market.

Check out the top 10 materials for kitchen counters below to see which might be the best for your kitchen redesign project.

Granite Kitchen Counters

Granite is one of the top choices for kitchen counters. Granite comes in a variety of natural shades and textures, but this can make it a bit difficult to match your various slabs. You’ll also need to get your granite kitchen counters sealed about once a year. They’re not maintenance-free, but they will make any kitchen look classy.

Laminate Kitchen Counters

Laminate is an affordable material for your kitchen counters that is also functional and efficient. In fact, there are a lot of modern options for laminate kitchen counters with patterns that mimic natural materials like stone, or wood. On the other hand, you can select laminate kitchen counters in vivid colors for more modern kitchens.

Tile Kitchen Counters

Kitchen counters that utilize tile have a timeless design. You can opt for white tiles that will give your kitchen a touch of shabby-chic elegance, or you can take a more Euro-classic approach using Dutch-style tiles. The customization options with tile are boundless, as you can select from a variety of colors and designs. In fact, many homeowners choose to tile their own kitchens and bathrooms. So, if you love DIY projects, tile may be for you, but don’t forget to consult your kitchen designer to make sure that your DIY plans mesh with the overall design plans for your kitchen remodeling.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Counters

Stainless steel kitchen counters are sure to give your kitchen redesign a modern, industrial look and feel. Even better, stainless steel counters are incredibly hygienic and prevent bacterial buildup. Cleanup is a jiff with stainless steel—that’s why many professional-grade restaurant kitchens opt for stainless steel kitchen counters.

Quartz Kitchen Counters

Believe it or not, quartz kitchen counters will last a lifetime, as they’re scratch, heat and stain resistant. Additionally, quartz kitchen counters are non-porous, so they don’t need to be treated with a sealant.

Marble Kitchen Counters

The luxurious creamy style of marble kitchen counters can make any kitchen go from shabby to high-end classy. Make sure that you get your marble sealed, as it is quite porous and clean acidic stains quickly. On the plus side, the gray marbling patterns in marble kitchen counters will help to disguise any stains.

Glass Kitchen Counters

Thick glass kitchen counters are a hygienic and modern option for your kitchen redesign project. Glass comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can easily match it to your overall kitchen look.

Wood Kitchen Counters

Butcher block wooden kitchen counters can give your kitchen redesign a cottage-style look that looks great with shabby-chic or more modern decor. However, make sure that you get your wood kitchen counters properly sealed.

Recycled Kitchen Counters

Recycled kitchen counters can be made from a variety of different materials. Many recycled counters actually mix materials like recycled glass with cement for a modern look.

Concrete Kitchen Counters

Concrete is an energy-efficient and easy to clean surface that adds an edgy modern look to your kitchen. There are a plethora of colors and textures available with concrete kitchen counters, so the customization options are quite endless.